Where it all began...

As the Champagne des Souverains, so great was the fame of the Cordon Rouge wine that it became the symbol of the House and of champagne as a whole. The wine lovers of today continue to worship G.H.MUMM Cordon Rouge and have made the cuvée France's premier and one of the world's favourite champagnes.


Georges Hermann Mumm is the man to whom we owe the House's iconic cuvée. In 1876, to assert the quality of its champagne, the House decided to adorn their bottles with a red silk ribbon, a reference to the Ordre de Saint Louis and to the Grand Cordon de la Légion d'Honneur. Its success was immediate: a symbol of G.H.MUMM's excellence and expertise, the Cordon Rouge cuvée henceforth became a true benchmark all over the world.

The Style: Over to the Cellar Master
The House’s signature cuvée: it perpetuates a hallmark style of subtly balanced freshness and intensity.

Didier Mariotti, Cellar Master



This champagne is a brightly sparkling, light golden yellow liquid with an abundance of fine and elegant bubbles.


The nose reveals initial aromas of ripe fresh fruit (white and yellow peaches, apricots), tropical notes (lychee and pineapple). It then opens up with the fragrance of vanilla before developing notes of milky caramel, breadcrumbs and yeast, culminating in aromas of dried fruit and honey.


An explosion of freshness in the mouth, followed by strong persistence. The complex aromas of fresh fruit and caramel perpetuate the intensity.


Ideal as an aperitif and beyond, G.H.MUMM Cordon Rouge works as well as an accompaniment to white meat, as it does to fish or fine cured meats (Italian ham, smoked duck breast).


G.H.MUMM's champagne rituals introduce 21st-century devotees to new ways of enjoying champagne. This cuvée fully expresses its aromas and structure when served at 8°C.


The style of every G.H.MUMM Cordon Rouge cuvée is a constant, subtle balance of freshness and intensity:

• A cuvée blended from 77 crus, every one unique

• The grape variety traditionally used by G.H.MUMM, Pinot Noir (45%) endows the wine with structure and strength

• Chardonnay blend (30%) that ensures both finesse and elegance

• The fruity, sharp and well-rounded notes of Pinot Meunier (25%) complete the blend

• A separate pressing and vinification for each grape variety and cru, to ensure a wide range of aromas and taste sensations

• 25% to 30% addition of reserve wine which brings depth to the final blend

• A residual sugar content of 8g/l to remain constant and true to the G.H.MUMM style


By entrusting the internationally-renowned designer Ross Lovegrove with the task of creating a sabre, G.H.MUMM has brought a modern touch to this great tradition. A gamble that has paid off handsomely, combining two worlds: that of a champagne house constantly looking to innovate, and that of a designer recognised as a leader of 21st-century aesthetics.
The designer was determined to respond to the bold, multi-sensorial and culturally-enriching act that is sabrage in a way that was natural, highly personal and imbued with his attraction for “the cult of the object”.