Champagne 19th-Century Style

The product of a centuries-old champagne-making tradition, Demi-Sec reflected the tastes of 19th century consumers who enjoyed very sweet wine, sometimes exceeding 150g/l of sugar. Updated for today's taste, G.H.MUMM Demi-Sec is the House's gourmet signature champagne: a cuvée that perpetuates the fine tradition of dessert champagnes.


Demi-Sec champagnes are the original champagne product, the fruit of a longstanding tradition. They complied with the tastes of 19th-century consumers, with a sugar content that sometimes exceeded 150g/l (as opposed to 6g for the iconic G.H.MUMM Cordon Rouge of today)!

The heady cuvée that was G.H.MUMM’s signature delight in 1888 has now been adapted to suit modern palates, offering connoisseurs the possibility of appreciating a sweeter champagne that perpetuates the tradition of dessert champagnes.

G.H.MUMM Demi-Sec is a supremely unique wine that will delight champagne lovers everywhere with its fruity, well-rounded and generous taste.


The Style: Over to the Cellar Master
This champagne’s specific blend gives it balance, roundness and generosity, whilst maintaining its fresh character.

Didier Mariotti, Cellar Master



A deep colour with golden-yellow and amber glints, it has an abundance of lively bubbles.


he nose reveals aromas of peach and pear jam, nougat, and fruit jelly, with fragrances of honey and gingerbread developing into notes of dried fruit.


Very round, smooth and sweet with hints of honey candy, G.H.MUMM Demi-Sec combines this sweetness with a distinctive freshness in the finish. After cellar-aging for several years its notes of dry fruit become more definite.



This champagne accompanies desserts to perfection: fruit salad, zabaglione of yellow fruits in champagne, tarte tatin, apricot or caramelised peach crumble... It delights inquisitive palates when served alongside dishes that combine sweet and savoury tastes, like foie gras with figs. More daring hosts may even serve this champagne with a blue cheese.



G.H.MUMM's champagne rituals introduce 21st-century devotees to new ways of enjoying champagne. The Demi-Sec can (most unexpectedly) be served in a decanter. This unusual move is reserved for fine, complex or highly dosed champagnes; the contact with air enables the wine to express its texture and subtlest aromas.



The characteristics of G.H.MUMM Demi-Sec:

•        Primarily blended from Pinot Meunier grapes (60%), a supremely aromatic variety that is particularly appreciated for its fruity intensity 
•        Its charm and depth are enhanced by the subtle addition of Pinot Noir (35%) and Chardonnay (10%) blends
•        A fruity blend that incorporates mature reserve wines and considerable sugar content, creating a champagne that is rich, subtle and elegant
•        A sugar content of 40g/l to ensure a richness that balances its other qualities
•        A maturation/mellowing of at least three months before it is shipped 
•        A combination of mature fruit and sugar to create a well-rounded, heady product

Created to Celebrate

Perfect with a dessert, the G.H.MUMM Demi-Sec is a champagne designed for hedonistic celebrations.